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A state of the art seafood processing facility in Tenants Harbor, Maine

“There is no way I would have left college (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and a career if it was just for me. I grew up in a real community - everyone’s in it together. Sea Hag Seafood aims to produce premium Maine seafood products in a way that supports the sustainability of the fisheries and the local community.”

That is what Kyle Murdock, CEO and President of Sea Hag Seafood, said to the Hitachi Foundation when he was nominated for the Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs Award in 2013. Kyle went on to be one of 6 winners in the country of that award. You can view the video here.

The Sea Hag Seafood Inmate Program: Kyle and his mother Winnie developed this program to provide jobs to a work release program with incarcerated males at the BOLDUC Correctional Facility in Warren, Maine. Sea Hag provides transportation and work for these inmates that have less than 1 year left to serve. A portion of the paychecks to the inmates help pay for room and board and any restitution they may owe. Upon release Sea Hag will help find temporary transitional housing if they wish to relocate and work at Sea Hag Seafood. Some of the inmates who have gone through this program have gone on to be supervisors at Sea Hag Seafood after their release.

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Sea Hag Seafood
56 Mussel Farm Road
Tenants Harbor, Maine

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