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A state of the art seafood processing facility in Tenants Harbor, Maine
Our Products

Our principal business at Sea Hag Seafood is packing product for wholesale customers. Besides our standard product line, we will fill your order to your specifications and pack it in your packaging. We can package frozen and fresh meat or raw tails to your specification. We also do mincemeat, leg meat, scored claws, whole cooked, and whole split. All our meat is cooked in seawater and then handpicked. We have found that this method will provide the finest quality and best tasting meat. Our goal is to supply you with a quality lobster product and service that cannot be found anywhere else. If you have a specific product that you want to try we can work with you to make it happen. You can also supply us with the raw product to process for you.

  • Our Standard-Product Line: C = Claw, K = Knuckle, L = Leg
  • Fresh and Frozen Meat: 2lb bags, 6 to a case.
  • 154 cases to a pallet of frozen.
  • All our meat is handpicked and is a 60-40 CK blend or a 50-30-20 CKL blend.
  • Raw frozen tails: 10lbs to a case. Graded and packed to standard sizes. 154 cases to a pallet.

Sea Hag Seafood can supply you with live lobster for your shipping purposes. We can supply graded sizes or straight run during the season. You pick up or we deliver.

Please call the Wholesale Sales division at 207-372-9666 to discuss what we can do for you.

Coming soon!!! Our online retail store for individual-sized orders.

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Sea Hag Seafood
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