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A state of the art seafood processing facility in Tenants Harbor, Maine
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Kyle Murdock, President and CEO of Sea Hag Seafood, grew up on Monhegan Island, Maine in a lobstering family. Monhegan is a small island 10 miles of the coast of mid-coast Maine with a year-round population of fifty people and a one-room school house with grades K-8. He grew up hauling twenty-five traps by hand from a small outboard before going to school every day. After attending High School in Camden, Maine, Kyle attended college at Worchester Polytechnic Institute where he majored in Physics. After the economic collapse in 2008 the lobster industry also suffered. Kyle’s belief was that Maine needed more lobster processing capabilities to compete with Canada in the lobster industry. He started working on a business plan his junior year and withdrew from school in his senior year to pursue this idea.

In 2010, at 21 years old, Kyle started Sea Hag Seafood. After raising funds to totally renovate the old Great Eastern Mussel Farm in Tenants Harbor, Maine and to install a state-of-the-art energy efficient Ammonia Refrigeration system, Sea Hag Seafood started operation in August of 2012. Being located directly on the ocean, SHS is able to not only to cool its operating systems with sea water, but is also able to cook all its lobster in sea water, a technique used by gourmet chefs to produce an all-around better lobster product. Sea Hag Seafood buys most of its lobster either directly from the boats at Sea Hag's own dock or by picking them up from wharves in neighboring communities every day. In this way, we can assure freshness and quality of our products for our customers. During the season, May-December, Sea Hag Seafood processes every day and has the capacity to process up to 80,000lbs a day.

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Sea Hag Seafood
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